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Tap Innovation.

Your People have Knowledge and Ideas. Transform them into Innovators.

Employees want to work on “stuff that matters.” If you give people some freedom to contribute and think outside their box, they will amaze you. Ken Perlman, Forbes Magazine

Let Innovation become a Core Process of Your Organization and reduce Communication overload.

  • Ideas of Your People

    Your people are the experts of your products, services, and processes.
    Involve them and give their ideas free rein.

  • Evaluated by Your People

    Your people interact, share, evaluate and sharpen the ideas.
    Pros and Cons make a better understanding.

  • Executed with Your People

    Your People become part of the solution.
    They work together to make it happen.

Enter an open question where people can rank ideas:


It just needs a single moron in the hierarchy that a good idea does not turn into an innovation. Executive who do not want their name to be mentioned with this cite.

The Ranqq Innovation Process
Ideas Popping Up
“Why don't we do ...?”
“We have to be more efficient ...”
“This does not work well ...”
Cast a Question
“How to improve our business process?”
Suggest Ideas
“Which suggestions can help starting creativity?” “What options to choose from?”
Ask People
“Who can contribute?” “Who needs to be brought in?”
Ranqq your Opinion
“My ranking list of options” “What do I disagree on?”
“Why do I think that way?”
“Change perspective”
Add Ideas
“What about...”
All Ranqq
Compare opinions and viewpoints in a flash
Discussions without forum controversies
Various viewpoints bring better results
New Ideas
New thoughts enforce creativity
All participants casted their votes. No changes happen anymore.

Evaluation – Analysis – Make Decision

You need to make decisions by yourself
Have the knowledge of your people at your fingertips. Get a 360 degree information. Make your decisions on a broader basis. Safeguard yourself.
You make decisions collaboratively
Take the Ranqq as agenda for the meeting. Walk through from consensual to controversial. Do first things first. Bring all in.

Save time and hassle.

  • Reduce email and communication overheads.
  • Instead of polling for ideas let the ideas emerge.
  • Dont waste time with half-baked ideas.
  • Reduce the amounts of conference calls in order to discuss options.

Use the Right Moment and the Best Ideas.

  • Use the right moment to be creative.
  • Inspire and get inspired across timezones and locations.
  • Enhance the chance that the best ideas are heard and find approval.

Align your Team with the Goal.

  • Let your people become part of the solution.
  • All are in the know.
  • Execute the best solution in the shortest possible time.

Lateral Management


Top 10 Skills to Master the 4th Industrial Revolution

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordinating with Others
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Judgement and Decision Making
  8. Service Orientation
  9. Negociation
  10. Cognitive Flexibility

Work has changed in the last decade. It became faster and more complex. Digitalisation has changed the way people work together. – Management has changed too. The centralized top down approach and hierarchy do not work anymore.

The new paradigm is lateral management: leading, making decisions and collaborating at eye level.

Enter an open question where people can rank their knowledge:

Take Ranqq for a Spin. Discover the hidden Potential of your People.

Free for Private and Public Means.

Use Ranqq with friends, colleagues, grass root initiatives or public topics: Gather ideas or proposals. Hear all opinions. Weighed up the pros and cons. Get solutions which match all the best.